Speed Racer: Race to the Future


Episode Title:
Speed Racer: Race to the Future.
Episode Description:
To prevent car accident fatalities, Pops Racer and his company develop an orb that can send a vehicle and its occupants 15-seconds back in time. Fearing for his son's safety during a race in poor conditions, and without Speed's knowledge, Pops installs the object in the Mach 5 before it can be properly tested. Just as the race begins, a bolt of lightning strikes the car sending Speed, Trixie, Sparky, Spritle and Chim-Chim fifty years into the future. Now in 2062, the group is immediately arrested and brought to a sorting facility where the Mach-5 is seized. A robot parole officer explains that in an effort to keep humans safe, all labor is now handled by machines designed by Leland Industries, a company that formerly competed with Pops Motors in automotive sports. After tricking the robot into telling them the location of the Mach 5, the group comes across Sparky's son, who operates the recycling plant. He reveals that their future selves were imprisoned 10 years ago for starting the Road Rebels, a resistance group that's against a society run by robots due to a fear of eventual human enslavement. Claiming it would be futile to try to defeat Leland, Speed instead suggests they travel back in time to prevent the company from ever gaining that level of control. Sparky's son notes that the only way to afford an energy source powerful enough to fuel that level of time travel would be to win the Super Dome 1000, an exceedingly difficult racing event for robots. To prepare, the crew uses the plant's scrap vehicles to upgrade the Mach 5 to the Mach 5 Ultra. Speed, under the disguise as a robot named Speed Demon, and the group arrive at the arena where they're greeted by John Leland Jr., the owner of Leland Industries. Impressed by the Mach 5 Ultra and Speed Demon's design, he offers to buy them from Trixie should they finish the race...

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