Heaven’s Lost Property OVA English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Project Pink.
Episode Description:
Nymph feels a bit unneeded without a master to follow, even though she is as free as a bird. Tomoki invites the gang to a water park where he peeps on the girls, who cannot swim to retaliate. Nymph hacks Tomoki's memories so he forgets how to swim. Tomoki has Ikaros speed up the current in the lazy river that the girls' bikinis come off, although he nearly drowns himself in the process. Tomoki's next perverted plan is to morph into the floor of the girls' locker room and then changes into a pair of panties, fulfilling every teenage boy's fantasy until Sohara puts them on. Afterwards, Nymph wants Tomoki to order her to make him irresistible to women again but Tomoki refuses. Sugata talks with Nymph about Tomoki's kindness to her. Later, Sugata then tries a hang gliding experiment and succeeds. Nymph asks Ikaros if she can stay with them even if it means she could steal Tomoki from her. Ikaros replies it is okay because Tomoki will always be her master.

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