SK8 the Infinity Episode 6 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Steamy Mystery Skating?!.
Episode Description:
Reki, Langa, Miya, and Shadow travel to Miyako-jima for the hot springs, along with Cherry and Joe. During their time, Reki begins feeling discouraged when he sees how quickly Langa is improving and confides his insecurities to Joe. In the evening, the six go on a skateboard race to the hot springs amidst warnings of hauntings taking place. When, Langa returns to help a frightened Reki, the two discover that Shadow and Miya have been attacked by the spirits. The spirits then ambush Reki and Langa, as well as Cherry and Joe, who won the race to the hot springs. The next morning, the six wonder who attacked them, unaware that the Paantu festival had been taking place on the previous evening. Meanwhile, Adam decides to hold a tournament for S.

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