Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh Episode 6 English Subbed


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Himeko's been acting strange ever since Howan came back from REIJINGSIGNAL's backstage party, so Howan discusses other band members and tries different things to get her to open up and to talk about the formation of a band. She tried to open her up by making her good food and bring Himeko to a karaoke session with Delmin and Ruhuyu, but to no avail. Himeko snapped and left home to go to the studio after Howan tried to get her to go on a vacation to the beach together with her, Delmin and Ruhuyu. With Himeko left her guitar at home, Howan decided to find Himeko together with Delmin and Ruhuyu. When they asked about it, the owner of the studio said that he didn't saw her in the studio...

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