Shin Getter Robo: Armageddon Episode 4 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
After the Blast.
Episode Description:
Thirteen years have passed since the terrible explosion. The Earth is reduced to a wasteland and the few survivors have found refuge underground to escape the adverse conditions of the planet. Benkei, at the head of an exploration squadron, rises to the surface aboard a BT-23 robot and witnesses the battle between an unknown robot and an invader, which is defeated by a rocket fired by Kai, Benkei's adopted daughter. The team of survivors tries to interrogate the robot pilot, to find out what has happened on the surface in recent years but the man escapes, taking possession of the BT-23. After a daring chase, Benkei's team arrives at the ruins of the Saotome laboratory, where the Invaders are fighting a group of robots. Suddenly the ground gives way under the feet of Benkei and Kai, and the two find themselves in a basement of the structure, where they find Musashi's Getter-3, now reduced to a wreck by the wear and tear of time; the chased pilot turns out to be infected by the invaders and, completely possessed and out of his mind, attacks the two, seriously injuring Benkei. Suddenly, however, the mighty Shin Getter Robot emerges from the ground, tearing the enemy to pieces while saving father and daughter. At the controls of the robot is the enigmatic and mysterious Go.

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