Shin Getter Robo: Armageddon Episode 10 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
War in the Pacific.
Episode Description:
The Getter team, after a desperate battle among the devastated skyscrapers of Manhattan, manages to wipe out all the Invaders by detonating the Whale's Getter Reactor. Meanwhile, on the volcanic islet of the Pacific, Saotome, Cowen and Stinger descend into the mouth of the volcano, where the Shin Dragon rests in the form of a cocoon: thanks to the professor, the three are absorbed by the machine which begins to change accordingly. The Robot Army arrives on the spot engaging in combat with the Invaders, but the Diabolic Shin Dragon emerges from the volcano and emits a huge column of Getter Rays towards Space. Prof. Shikishima realizes with horror that this was the purpose of the Invaders: to activate the Shin Dragon so that its energy would send a call signal to their fellowmen beyond the stars. The Getter Squad reaches the battlefield, but suddenly Go experiences a crisis and falls into a comatose state, while the Black Getter is drained of all its energy by the Shin Dragon. After a brief retreat, Benkei and Ryoma decide to attack with the Shin Getter but Hayato refuses to accompany them.

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