Shaolin Wuzang Episode 12 - Little Sister


Episode Title:
Little Sister.
Episode Description:
Junxiu, Cheng's little sister, ran away from home and fell into the hands of the Black Foxes. Tang, Cheng and Hua rescue her and learn that she supposedly knows where the second book of wisdom is hidden. Our friends come to a huge statue, behind whose beard the entrance to a cave is said to be hidden. They climb up and sure enough, they find the cave. However, the Black Foxes have been watching them and are pursuing them. There are other statues in the cave, guarded by an army of clay soldiers. A huge red ruby ​​is hidden in a statue in a chest in a huge hall. The foxes want to get this ruby, they blackmail our friends by capturing Junxiu and forcing Hua, Cheng and Tang to get the ruby. The three fight their way through the clay soldiers, throwing the ruby ​​between the soldiers, engaging the foxes in battles with them. (Text: KI.KA)

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