Shaolin Wuzang Episode 10 - Deep Within the Mirror


Episode Title:
Deep Within the Mirror.
Episode Description:
The black foxes raid all places and steal all mirrors. Since medicines and bandages for the injured are missing, Tang, Cheng and Hua are sent to Li Shizhen to get the necessary items. The wise old man explains why Heihu has the mirrors stolen. 100 years ago tomorrow, the hermit appeared in a mirror and told the viewer where the second book of wisdom is hidden. Unfortunately, Li Shizhen has forgotten this in the meantime. Heihu now wants to get hold of all the mirrors to ensure that only he gets the hermit's information. However, the one who looks in the mirror must have a pure and innocent soul, otherwise the hermit will not appear, but a monster named She Huyu. Knowing about this, Heihu kidnaps an innocent and pure little girl to let her see in the mirror. Hua manages to save the girl while Cheng and Tang stop the Black Foxes.

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