Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 39 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Infinity 12, Infinite–Journey.
Episode Description:
With Sailor Saturn finally awakened within Hotaru, she brings the utter annihilation of both Pharaoh 90 and the world. Usagi liberates the power she amassed to deal a fatal blow on the already fatally damaged Master Pharaoh 90. Seeing no need to wipe out Earth as Usagi is still alive, Saturn instead intercepts Pharaoh 90 during his attempted escape back into the Tau Star System and has Sailor Pluto use her Dark Dome Close to seal them both away. When the Legendary Silver Crystal evolves all the other Sailor Guardians to their Super forms, Usagi briefly transforms into Neo Queen Serenity and uses her power from the Spiral Heart Moon Rod to restore the city. Shortly afterwards, an infant Hotaru appears, fully reborn with the spirit of Saturn once again slumbering within her, prompting the Outer Guardians deciding to care for her while bidding farewell to Usagi and the Sailor Guardians, and leave to parts unknown. One year later at the beginning of April, Usagi and her friends are now 16-year-old high school students while Mamoru enrolls into a university. The day comes for Chibiusa to return to the 30th-century Earth after having completed her Sailor Guardian training. While watching a solar eclipse with Mamoru, Usagi and Chibiusa hear the clear and mysterious sound of a bell.

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