Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts Episode 4 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Feline and Reptile Princesses
Episode Description:
Sariphi learns Leonhart's mother's identity was concealed as a beast. She meets Vivian, the princess of the Cats, whom with other beast princesses seek to marry Leonhart or at least become his concubine. Sariphi walks in on Vivian trying to seduce Leonhart and walks out in jealousy, missing Leonhart kicking her out. She befriends Amit, the princess of the Reptilians, who has been exiled until she can get with Leonhart. Jormungand, the Reptilian captain of the guard, returns from a mission and Amit reveals to Sariphi that she has been in love with him ever since a time he helped her as a child. At a banquet to honor Jormungand's return, the other princesses tear Amit's dress apart, but Sariphi loans her a dress that makes her turn heads, and Amit is delighted when Jormungand recognizes her. Vivian gets Sariphi alone and threatens her as she plans to seduce Leonhart and make him her puppet. Amit finds and defends Sariphi, then Leonhart arrives and angrily orders Vivian to get out. The princesses go home except for Amit, whom Leonhart makes Sariphi's assistant. Leonhart tells Sariphi that he needs no concubines because he only wants her, which makes her heart skip a beat.

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