Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts Episode 3 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Beasts and a Human Town
Episode Description:
Sariphi takes lessons on the Kingdom of Beasts, but Anubis gives up when she proves inept at studying. When Anubis mentions Leonhart has not taken a break in ages, she asks him to go on a walk with her through town. Leonhart disguises himself with a hood and makes Saphiri disguise herself as a beast. They have fun mingling with the citizens and help a lost child find his mother, but Sariphi begins to feel faint and her disguise falls off. The citizens immediately turn hostile at seeing a human, forcing Leonhart to escape with her. Back in the palace, Sariphi faints and the physician says she has been poisoned by miasma exposure. Sariphi wakes up in a human town in the care of a physician and his wife, who explain that they treated her after she was left at their doorstep with money and a note that none of them can read as it is in beast language. She becomes their assistant, but when the townsfolk learn she was the sacrifice, they trash the clinic and assault the physician, forcing them to kick her out. Heartbroken, she wanders the woods, but Leonhart in his human form finds her and explains the note said he would come back for her after he acquired a ring that will protect her from the miasma. They return home and Sariphi likens the ring to a wedding ring.

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