Ronin Warriors OVA: Message Episode 4 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Wandering Soul.
Episode Description:
Sage enters the building where Suzunagi is residing. Suzunagi reflects on changing of the seasons, how they are self-contained from her guilt, and whether she belongs in the current world. She commends on how the beauty in nature transcends everything in the heart, providing a sense of comfort and balance that can put the soul at ease. As Suzunagi pulls out the new Armor of the Halo out of a chest, Sage approaches her. Suzunagi asks Sage what he is looking for, but Sage mentions that she summoned him. She tells him that she has no idea what her motivations are, but Sage deduces that it likely has something to do with the Inferno Armor and its nature of destruction. He tells Suzunagi that the Ronin Warriors no longer want anything to with that life. Suzunagi responds that she wants to remove all sorrow from the world, but Sage tells her that doing so will remove all good things from the world as well. Sage is then transported to town an Edo-era town center where a performance of "The Legend of the Five Warriors" is playing, and where a young Suzunagi and her mother live. The area is soon attacked by battleships. Sage then sees the play's author, Suzunagi's father, being punished by death due to his insisting its contents are real and causing panic on the way of life amongst the people. Sage, clad in his old armor, attempts to destroy the battleships but inadvertently destroys the town center as well. Suzunagi tells Sage that in this world, he is the spirit and that since he tried to fix the area's situation, he should not blame her for doing the same and that this is why they need the Inferno Armor. She tearfully pleads with Sage to quickly put on his new Armor of Halo. Sage complies, but before he calls upon the armor he disappears, leaving Suzunagi in tears.

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