Revenger Episode 9 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Mutual Understanding
Episode Description:
Kurima carries Liu to Murakami's clinic to save him, as the Revengers find that no one in Chinatown actually bit the gold coin. Murakami manages to save Liu and later tells Nio and Soji about how the English used opium taken from India to open up the Qing lands for trade and exploitation. Liu later tells Usui how he was charged by his government with wiping out opium stashes in the region, including Nagasaki. Usui and Murakami come to the uncomfortable conclusion that the Chapel is in league with the opium dealer. Meanwhile, Shishido makes a deal with Sada's Revenger group to finish off Liu and the rest of his group in Chinatown. Liu convinces Kurima to take him to Chinatown, but in his injured state is barely able to fight off a timid attacker before succumbing to his wounds...

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