Revenger Episode 8 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Two of a Trade Never Agree
Episode Description:
Kurima begins having more success as an artist, and Usui gifts him a small cottage he can work out of and suggests that he can let his past go and live under a new identity, though Kurima is still dedicated to finding the missing opium. That night, Kurima visits a pub and meets a mysterious priest who he gets into a debate about the nature of killing with. Meanwhile, the Chapel instructs Usui to kill Liu before he can find the opium, despite the lack of bitten gold. Usui is conflicted with following the Chapel's orders without the necessary grudge, so Soji comes up with the idea of obtaining a bitten gold against Liu, which Usui agrees to since he has grown suspicious of the Chapel's motives. Meanwhile, Shishido hires another Revenger team, led by the priest who Kurima encounters earlier, to carry out his grudges. Later that night, Nio infiltrates Chinatown to gather intelligence but is caught by Liu...

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