Renai Boukun Episode 10 English Subbed


Episode Title:
I'm Here to Stay the Night x I'm... Growing Up, Too.
Episode Description:
As his family takes off for a few days, Seiji finds himself home alone. Well, except for Guri, of course. But the peace of the moment is short-lived when Akane shows up at his door saying she's there to spend the night while his family is away and to claim the kiss that Seiji had promised her. Things only get more complicated as usual when Yuzu and Shikimi show up as well. Things seem to go rather okay until Seiji's younger sister Akua returns home early to find Seiji surrounded by all four girls in a compromising situation and proceeds to scold her brother for his behavior. Curious about the siblings' relationship, Guri drags Akua out shopping to get to the bottom of her brother-complex.

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