Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Memory Snow English Subbed


Episode Title:
Memory Snow.
Episode Description:
Shortly after the Mabeast incident, Subaru arrives back to the Village looking for a spot for his date with Emilia, where the kids show him a hidden flower patch, which he feels is perfect. Over the next couple days, the weather starts getting surprisingly colder, forcing the date to be postponed, though Emilia doesn’t appear to be bothered by it. Subaru then wakes up to find the mansion completely frozen over, and eventually learns the cause to be Puck, currently in his period of exerting all of his excess ice magic, with Emilia and Beatrice helping confine it just to the mansion. So as to avoid freezing to death, Subaru suggests staying outside where the weather’s normal, but is halted by the rain. He tries to think of other options to stay warm or quickly release the rest of Puck’s magic, but is foiled each time. Later that night, realizing the rain will eventually turn the area outside the mansion into snow, he develops a new plan to pass the time, to host a Snow Festival, inviting the Villagers to join in and take part in a snow sculpture making competition. While everyone has fun with the snow, Subaru tries to convince a reclused Beatrice to join as well, who eventually agrees with Puck’s pushing. The winner is chosen to be Petra’s mecha snow bunny (which Subaru helped create), getting Subaru’s bag of Corn Potage as the prize. Afterwards, the mansion residents celebrate with an afterparty featuring food and booze, in which Emilia and Rem get drunk. While hanging with Beatrice, he talks about the constellations in the stars revealing he got his name from one of them. While the rest of the group watch in awe at the snow spirits, Puck releases his last remaining energy, sharing the snowfall with the rest of the people in the Capital. As Beatrice heads back inside, Roswaal pokes fun at her for not drinking because of Subaru's request, claiming it has nothing to do with him. As the snow starts to melt, Emilia and Puck reflect on Subaru’s wish to host the festival again next year, though also contemplating if he’ll still be with them by that time. She then meets up with Subaru outside as they head to the flower garden for their date.

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