Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Hyouketsu no Kizuna English Subbed


Episode Title:
Hyouketsu no Kizuna.
Episode Description:
Shortly after her date with Subaru, Emilia reflects upon her history and original relationship with Puck. In the past, Emilia saves a family from a Snow Blight, but they fearfully run away after the father's arm is accidentally frozen by her magic, as well as being scared off from her resemblance to the Witch of Envy. Emilia lives in a tree in a snow-filled forest all by herself, so as not to scare the people, performing her daily duties such as maintaining the "snow sculptures" and mapping out the area, as well as occasionally heading into the village to restock on supplies. Puck frequently visits with the two having fun enjoying each other's company. One day a group of men approach Emilia, saying that the village committed a crime by trading with a demi-human, and that she must give up her body to them or else they'll be punished; she reluctantly agrees, revealing her true face. Just then, a Snow Blight appears and goes to attack everyone, which Emilia eventually defeats. Once again, her magic goes out of control and starts to effect the men, but Puck appears to fix it, scaring the men off. Waking back up, Emilia returns to the village to find the merchant telling her to never return, and she in turn reveals her identity to him and tells him for no one to ever enter the forest. The leader of the men, Chap, tries to find some way to get revenge on Emilia, but fails when Puck threatens him again; a bright red orb suddenly appears and consumes Chap in flames. Puck convinces Emilia to make a contract with a lesser spirit, which she agrees too. That night, Puck is confronted by the red orb, which turns out to be Melakuera the Arbitrator, saying that the frozen forest is unnatural, though Puck claims he's the cause of it. Emilia, accompanied by her new spirits, discover a large black mass, which turns out to be the venom of a Black Serpent, starting to attack the forest. Puck tries to put an end to it, but is halted by Melakuera, leading to a battle between the two. With the black mass heading toward the village, Emilia tries to divert it away, getting engulfed by it, though her magic and the spirits help her to completely freeze it all. Just then, her spirits are all destroyed by a red spirit, which turns out to be Chap, who's become a new vessel for Melakuera to act out his revenge. Emilia calls on Puck for help, who defeats Chap overwhelming him with ice. Puck then reveals to Emilia that she is a half-elf, leading her to believe that she is the cause of the frozen forest, when Melakuera appears to confirm this to be the case, trapping her in his flames. Puck rebukes that the black mass attack was orchestrated by Melakuera just to draw Emilia out, with him claiming it to be "fate". Puck then asks Emilia to form a contract with him; she's afraid to since she's worried he'll leave her, but he insists he never will, so she accepts. Transforming into his true form, the two beasts duel it out. With Puck the victor, him and Emilia watch the sunset as she asks why he formed a contract with her now, saying that he was never allowed to do so before because of his "oath", and felt that it was worth breaking now. He then decides to start calling her "Lia". Back in the present, Emilia sees Subaru cleaning up the snow sculpture of their family as it starts to melt. Subaru comments that there's no such thing as snow that doesn't melt, which causes Emilia to feel elated, thinking back to her forest, with Puck silently agreeing.

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