Rabbids Invasion Season 3 Episode 2 - Odd Rabbid Out / Rabbid on Repeat / Rabbid Real-Estate Rampage


Episode Title:
Odd Rabbid Out / Rabbid on Repeat / Rabbid Real-Estate Rampage.
Episode Description:
Odd Rabbid Out: Lapinibernatus tries to get his time traveling device back from the Rabbids.
Rabbid on Repeat: After the Rabbids repeatedly keep crushing a gift for Lapinibernatus, he uses his time traveling device to go back and try to open his gift before it gets destroyed again.
Rabbid Real Estate Rampage: A builder traps all the Rabbids and Lapinibernatus so he can build a house on the Rabbids' junkyard, and Lapinibernatus needs to be free before his time machine runs out of time.

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