Plunderer Episode 8 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Demon of the Abyss.
Episode Description:
Murdoch finds no survivors. The lake next to the town has disappeared under an enormous abyss. An injured soldier appears and claims a fire breathing demon flew out of the abyss. Murdoch insists it must be a ballot holder with fire abilities. Lynn and Pele take the soldier for treatment in the next town where they find Licht, Hina and Nana. Murdoch confronts Licht, convinced he knows something. Nana angrily bans them from fighting, so instead they have a drinking contest. Murdoch drunkenly accuses Licht of being the Legendary Ace and demands to know why the army are looking for him. Licht provokes Murdoch into drinking even more while Nana decides to join in too. Lynn becomes tipsy after only one glass and asks Hina what her relationship with Licht is...

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