Phantom Investigators Episode 1 Demon Driver


Episode Title:
Demon Driver.
Episode Description:
Nate Adler's dad is obsessed with cars and has been for a while. Just recently, he was an hour late picking Nate up from practise because he was too busy working on his prize Barracuda. On the ride home, he spoke of nothing but cars, ignoring any attempts by Nate to change the subject. But that's not the worst of it. Lately, he's been getting crazy, animalistic looks on his face while driving. And he has just now decided he loves to speed and terrorize the roads! These last two characteristics have Nate worried. Worried enough to call the number on a flyer he found, the number for the Phantom Investigators. After receiving Nate's call, Daemona takes a trip to the Adler residence and meets her client, who explains the problem. Time to verify! While Mr. Adler is working on the ‘Cuda, she points her Spectre Detector at him. Uh-oh, serious demon readings. Meanwhile, the other P.I.'s are with Professor Navarro at his garage and, he's got a wonderful new toy for them: the Ghoul Mobile, a fan

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