P. J. Sparkles


Episode Title:
P. J. Sparkles.
Episode Description:
The P.J. Sparkles doll came with an animated movie in which a young orphan girl named P.J., living in Mrs. O'Malley's Orphanage, rides out one night on the orphanage's withered old horse Blaze. Every friend P.J. makes are later adopted and she finds herself alone again from time to time. With the help of O'Malley, she goes out to make a wish upon a star for someone to love her. P.J. soon finds herself in Twinkle Town, a small village full of nameless children who have also been wishing for a leader to love and guide them. Also, Blaze's appearance has changed and he can now talk. P.J. takes on the last name "Sparkles", gives the children their names, and becomes their leader, fulfilling her wish...

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