Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan Episode 12 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Hakone-chan and the New Hot Spring Spirits.
Episode Description:
Hakone and Miya, accompanied by Haruna, Aki, and Tōya, are returning to Motohakone via the Tekkosen. Miya tries using her Water of Servitude to deal with the crowds, but that left her open for Gōra to snatch her secret puzzle box. Hakone goes after them to retrieve it, making Miya realize (through Tōya) that Hakone does not see her as an enemy, but as a friend. Miya is then urged to help Hakone. Miya is able to lunge at Gōra and take her puzzle box back. She then unleashes its powers, making Gōra grovel uncontrollably. As the ship returns to Motohakone, everyone races back to the shrine.

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