Night of the Living Carrots


Episode Title:
Night of the Living Carrots.
Episode Description:
In a theater, B.O.B. introduces the story parodying typical horror films, with a recap of the events of Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space, and tells the audience to be prepared for a story guaranteed to give them nightmares. The scene then shifts to the twist ending of the previous special. The Zombie Carrot charges at the camera, but is stopped by a gate slamming into it. Carl Murphy announces to the children of the Modesto suburbs that a costume contest was starting and the winner would get their weight in candy. B.O.B., dressed as a pirate, takes all the candy. Outside, he hears a strange voice and is frightened by the zombie carrot, but mistakes it for a child in a costume. Believing the carrot would win the costume contest, he throws it inside where it immediately bites Carl, turning him into a zombie. The guests flee the Murphy house and the carrot is blasted by Dr. Cockroach's scanner. Carl snaps out of his zombie state and Doc theorizes that the carrot was contaminated by the mutant pumpkins and the curse could only be lifted by eliminating the infected carrot. However, the remains of the carrot replicate themselves into more zombie carrots, reinfecting Carl. Against Doc's advice, B.O.B. uses the scanner to blast the carrots and before long, B.O.B., Doc and Missing Link are completely surrounded...

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