My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Season 3 Episode 1 Make Your Mark


Episode Title:
Make Your Mark
Episode Description:
The three pony kinds now live together in harmony. However, earth ponies still lack magic, and some dislike the return of magic and find it unfair. Sunny struggles to control her alicorn transformation. During the Maretime Bay Day festival, glitches in the magic and the discontent of earth ponies compound on each other. A pegasus falls onto an earth pony. As the ponies argue, their discord causes a storm to brew; the pegasi and unicorns lose their magic powers, the earth ponies' hooves become stuck, and a void forms in the ground. Sunny is able to transform into an alicorn and flies into the void to rescue ponies who fell in, and the unicorns and pegasi help the earth ponies regain mobility. Their unity causes magic to restabilize; the earth ponies now have magic of their own, and can manipulate plants. Hitch discovers he can now communicate with animals, and the large egg he found hatches into a baby dragon, who he names Sparky. Queen Haven allows Zipp to stay in Maretime Bay to follow her own pursuits, instead of returning to Zephyr Heights for royal duties. Elsewhere, Opaline and Misty watch the festival continue as they mastermind their plot.

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