My Home Hero Episode 6 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Entertaining the Guest, Kasen Style
Episode Description:
Tetsuo and Kasen manage guess Nobuto's password and unlock his phone. They post the video they made with Tabata showing Nobuto from the rear and then add a comment from Nobuto's phone indicating he is still alive but in hiding. However, Kyoichi's gang suspect the video is a fake as Nobuto's gait is uncharacteristic. Kyoichi drags Tetsuo back to his home to investigate a large pot that he recalled filled with earth but had nothing planted in it. He forces Tetsuo to tip it out but it only contains earth - Kasen had overhead Kyoichi through the phone in Tetsuo's bag and removed the evidence. As Kyoichi rummages through the dirt, Kasen surprisingly returns and invites them in for coffee, After drinking it, Kyoichi rushes to the bathroom as Kasen had added a laxative, however it also effects Tetsuo preventing him from accessing Kyoichi's laptop. Reika unexpectedly arrives home and Kyoichi asks her about Nobuto.

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