My Home Hero Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Are You Happy?
Episode Description:
The leader of Kyoichi's gang painfully removes the bullet from his chest. He then films Tetsuo as he is forced to confess killing one of the other gang members as insurance against him divulging the gang's actions. Back home, Tetsuo tells Kasen that his only chance to survive their predicament is to convince the gang that Nobuto is still alive. He suggests using their old college friend Bin Tabata who is currently involved in video production, and Kasen convinces Tabata to act out a small scenario wearing Nobuto's clothes. Meanwhile, Tetsuo tries to unlock Nobuto's phone but it requires a pet's name which Tetsuo cannot guess. He goes to the bar which Nobuto frequented searching for clues, and strikes up a conversation with a man who is despairing about his son's disappearance and says his name is Yoshitatsu Matori and Tetsuo blurts out that his name is Tabata. After the man leaves, the bartender reveals to Tetsuo that he is Nobuto's father.

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