My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 13 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Final Performance
Episode Description:
Mr. Compress recalls back to before the League's encounter with the Meta Liberation Army, when they faced against the Creature Rejection Clan, and Spinner voiced his doubts on Shigaraki's plan for their future. In the present, Mr. Compress uses his Quirk on himself, mutilating his body but being freed from Best Jeanist's grasp, allowing him to compress Spinner and Shigaraki and escape up Gigantomachia's back. He also compresses Skeptic as well as Dabi, who retreated upon defeating Shoto, due to Endeavor being unconscious. Revealing himself to be the great-grandson of the Peerless Thief Oji Harima, Compress frees Spinner and Shigaraki, sacrificing himself to let them flee. At this same time, Deku's head continues to pound away, which he realizes is the Quirk of the fourth user of One For All: Danger Sense...

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