Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Episode 8 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Everyday Life in Poor Health.
Episode Description:
Rachnera settles in as a member of the Kurusu household; Miia and Cerea however, who don't trust her, are not so enthusiastic as Papi, Suu and Mero. Cerea begins to stick very close to Kimihito, protecting him from potentially embarrassing situations created by Rachnera. When Rachnera tries to seduce Kimihito in his bedroom, Cerea rescues him and flees with him into the city streets. The male from the racist couple and his gang begin harassing Kimihito and Cerea, but Rachnera makes a timely appearance and rescues the two. She then comes to an understanding with Cerea, and Cerea realizes that Rachnera can be trusted. Later, Kimihito comes down with a bad cold. Ms. Smith immediately puts him in quarantine in his bedroom and orders the other girls to keep away from him, fearing a possible pandemic. She states that she will care for Kimihito (an obvious ploy to ditch her mountain of paperwork), but almost immediately conks out. The girls decide to take matters into their own hands; realizing that Suu (as a Slime) is the only one who can come into contact with Kimihito without becoming sick, Miia, Papi, Cerea and Mero coach her in different ways of taking care of him (each proving more disastrously lewd than the one before). With her telepathic ability, Suu learns that Kimihito caught his cold in a rain storm while out looking for her, and that he is tired, dehydrated, and his throat is hurting him. Suu then proceeds to breastfeed Kimihito, which ultimately proves successful. Kimihito recovers completely, but Ms. Smith winds up catching his cold. Smith calls up the MON for help. Unwilling to help her, they use the same pandemic excuse she made earlier.

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