Moetan Episode 5 English Subbed


Episode Title:
A Little Memory.
Episode Description:
Alice attacks Ah-kun and Ink again with a giant horse from another time-space continuum. Ah-kun is forced to create a temporal portal to send the giant horse away, but he and Ink get pulled into the same portal by Alice's magical binds. They end up travelling back in time for 10 years. While waiting for Ah-kun to recover his magical energy so that they can return to present, they wander around the neighborhood and run into the 10-year-ago version of Ink's mom, Sumi, and Nao-kun. Little Sumi is scarred for life when Ink tries to teach her English but it's too difficult for her age, while Nao-kun's addiction to video games starts when Ink introduces him to his first video game.

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