Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury Season 2 Episode 4 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Cycle of Sin
Episode Description:
Prospera claims that she turned Ericht's mind into data to protect her from danger and intends to unbind her from the Aerial using Quiet Zero, blackmailing Belmoria into joining. With Delling in a coma and Sarius missing, the Benerit Group opts to hold an election for a new president, which Shaddiq intents to win while Guel makes it back to his family and assumes ownership of his father's company. Meanwhile, Dawn of Fold's recent attacks and the subsequent crackdowns have worsened Earthian and Spacian relations, prompting the Space Assembly League to step up their investigation into the Benerit Group. At Asticassia, Earth House faces amplified discrimination following the attack while Nika remains in the Grassley House's custody, turning down an offer to join them. At the same time, Elan is ordered to steal the Aerial but Ericht violently rejects him. Miorine also returns to Asticassia and confronts Suletta about the events at Plant Quetta, becoming disturbed by her willingness to do anything her mother says. She then confronts Prospera about this but is silenced when the latter reveals that Delling killed her colleagues and husband. Prospera then guilt-trips Miorine into joining Quiet Zero, instructing her to win the upcoming election.

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