Mikagura School Suite Episode 9 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Derailed Scandal.
Episode Description:
Given until the upcoming midterm battles to find the third member for their club, Eruna and Otone use fake scandals in order to sneak promotion of their club into reports by the newspaper club, with not much result. As Eruna struggles to find members willing to join, Otone has the opposite problem of inadvertently scaring away anyone who is interested, as she is afraid they would get between her and Eruna. Upon stumbling across an empty classroom they could potentially use for their clubroom, Eruna is challenged by the newspaper club's Rumina Rikyū, who uses her Secret Memories ability to attack Eruna with embarrassing scoops from her childhood. Before Eruna is completed defeated, Otone uses her ability to plug Eruna's ears, allowing her to defeat Rumina. Thanks to Bimii transforming into human form to act as the club's third member, Eruna gets her "I'll Figure It Out Later Club" recognised and gains permission to use the clubroom.

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