Mikagura School Suite Episode 5 English Subbed


Episode Title:
School Fantasia.
Episode Description:
Eruna and Seisa take a look around the tournament's festival, where they end up standing in for Flower Arrangement Club's Sadamatsu Minatogawa, who is running a shooting gallery with his prized life-size Super Miracle Man doll up for grabs. After both Yūto and Eruna fail to even budge the doll, due to Sadamatsu protecting it with his ability, Seisa knocks down his second-best prize, which attracts more attention to the booth. Later, as Eruna hangs out with the Drama Club's Usamaru and Tonkyun, Seisa meets up with the Art Club's Kyōma Kuzuryū, who observes how she has changed since meeting Eruna. After Eruna clears the second round in the tournament, she witnesses Usamaru being overwhelmed by the school band's Azumi Sagara, who can manipulate gravity with her music, her victory prompting a harsh reaction from Seisa.

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