Mikagura School Suite Episode 3 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Not Quite a Heroine.
Episode Description:
After learning about an upcoming rookie tournament for new students, Eruna reports her victory to Seisa, who claims that she only won because Himi held back and challenges her to a practise match with her club membership on the line. Prior to her match against Seisa, Eruna observes a practise match between the Astronomy Club's Asuhi Imizu and the Drama Club's Yūto Akama, with Yūto winning with a single strike. The match between Eruna and Seisa soon begins, with Eruna attempting to destroy Seisa's crystals whilst she is dozing off. However, Eruna's Toy Gun fails to activate and she is overwhelmed by Seisa's "Killing Art" ability, getting kicked out of the Going-Home Club as a result. Bimii, after informing Eruna that she needs to build more experience to use her ability properly, suggests that she form a club of her own, using the rookie tournament to attract potential members. Admiring her determination, Seisa lets Eruna bring her sleeping bag into her mansion.

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