Mikagura School Suite Episode 10 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Sleeping Bag Haunting.
Episode Description:
Now having an official club, Eruna moves her sleeping bag out of Seisa's mansion and into her new clubroom alongside Otone. As everyone brings housewarming gifts, Rumina asks for Eruna's help in seeking out a rumored ghost haunting the school grounds. When Eruna and the Drama Club discover the ghost was most likely just Eruna hopping around in her sleeping bag, Bimii pretends to be the ghost to fool Rumina, but soon gets caught in a mysterious void. Meanwhile, Otone confronts Seisa over why she won't go see Eruna, deciding to fight against her when she refuses to listen. As Otone pushes her further into a corner, Seisa finds herself unable to use her Killing Art, only being saved when Eruna arrives on the scene.

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