Mickey's Christmas Carol 1983


Episode Title:
Mickey's Christmas Carol 1983
Episode Description:
On Christmas Eve in 19th-century London, Ebenezer Scrooge (Scrooge McDuck), a surly money-lender, does not share the merriment of Christmas. He dismisses Rat and Mole's collecting money for charity and declines his nephew Fred's (Donald Duck) invitation to Christmas dinner. His loyal employee Bob Cratchit (Mickey Mouse) requests to have Christmas Day off, since there will be no business for Scrooge on the day, to which he reluctantly agrees. Scrooge continues his business until just before midnight and then heads for home. In his house, Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his deceased business partner Jacob Marley (Goofy), who warns him to repent his wicked ways or he will condemned in the afterlife like he was, informing him that three time-travelling spirits will visit him during the night. As Marley leaves, he falls down the stairs after he avoids tripping over Scrooge's cane. Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past (Jiminy Cricket), who takes him back in time to his early life. They visit his time as an employee under Fezziwig (Mr. Toad) who is throwing a Christmas party, Scrooge attending and meeting a young woman named Isabelle (Daisy Duck), whom he falls in love with. However, the Ghost shows Scrooge how ten years later Isabelle left him when he chose his wealth over her. A distraught Scrooge dismisses the Ghost as he returns to the present. Scrooge next meets the gigantic, merry Ghost of Christmas Present (Willie the Giant). The Ghost shows Scrooge the poverty-stricken Cratchit family, who still keep a festive attitude in their home despite their hardships. Scrooge takes pity on Bob's young son, Tiny Tim, whose family can barely feed him more than a small portion. Before he disappears, the Ghost comments that Tiny Tim will likely not survive until next Christmas...

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