Metajets Episode 1 - The New Recruit


Episode Title:
The New Recruit.
Episode Description:
Johnny Miller is a young pilot that has just been invited to join the ARC, but first he must defeat a top 10 ranked flyer- Zac. After defeating Zac by staying in his wind shear, Johnny ends up challenging Trey. During their unsanctioned race though Trey and company are called into action as the Metajets. Johnny follows them to ARC-1 and learns exactly who the Metajets are. However when the Metajets get sent out to face Black Cloud, Trey finds himself about to be shot down. Johnny decides to sacrifice his jet to save Trey, but without his jet is there any way for Johnny to remain an ARC racer, much less become a Metajet pilot, which he just learned was a role his father played?

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