Manyuu Hikenchou Episode 12 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Breast Flow.
Episode Description:
Muneyuki and Ouka lead a battalion of four Manyu assassins to capture Chifusa and Kaede. The two, along with Tsuhuya Munemori, face off against the assassins, defeating one of them before being outmatched. However, they are saved by the timely arrival of Kagefusa and Kokage, who join in on the fight. When the fight begins to get too rough, Chifusa's grandmother tells her to take Hazuki away with her to protect the last child of the Munemori bloodline; though initially hesitant, Chifusa and Kaede agree and flee with Hazuki. However, they are cornered by Ouka, who wishes to settle her old score with Chifusa as well as defeat her to gain status among the Manyu...

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