Madeline: Lost in Paris Movie 1999


Episode Title:
Madeline: Lost in Paris Movie 1999.
Episode Description:
The film begins during winter, as the twelve girls are shown walking outside "at half-past nine in two straight lines". Before they head out on their daily outing, they soon find out that their teacher Miss Clavel (Stevie Vallance) is sick with a bad cold and is told by Dr. Cohn to stay in bed until she gets better, he then tells the girls to give her warmth and love while she recovers. Suddenly, the girls are interrupted by Pepito who was playing his violin from next-door, he promises Madeline (Andrea Libman) that he'll stop playing until Miss Clavel feels better again. That night as they're getting ready for bed, the children begin to reminisce about the good times that they've had with each of their families back at home especially the times when they have been sick as well. Madeline also tells her friends about the good times that she's had with her own family; she also shows them a special gold necklace with animal printings on them that her mother had given her, unfortunately since both of parents died many years ago she has no other family members to return to. Saddened by Madeline's story, the girls begin to feel sorry for her and they start crying but are soon comforted by Miss Clavel, who was awoken by the commotion. She reminds each of the girls that they all love and look out for each other, and that they are all are just as much a family as anybody else, bringing peace of mind to all of the girls...

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