Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions -Heart Throb- Episode 13 OVA English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Playback of... the Wicked Eye's Apocalypse (The Rikka Wars).
Episode Description:
Rikka becomes suspicious when Makoto secretly gives Yūta a USB flash drive. After interrogation, Rikka, Shinka, Kumin, Sanae and Nanase discover that the USB flash drive contains photos of a pop star that Yūta had a crush on during class. A displeased Rikka instructs Yūta to return the USB flash drive immediately, though Makoto secretly lets him keep it. That night, Rikka sneaks into Yūta's bedroom and inadvertently crushes the USB flash drive in her bedroom as she falls asleep while trying to hide it from him. This leads to the two of them arguing over who was in the wrong. As Shinka, Kumin and Sanae later realize that neither Yūta nor Rikka are willing to apologize, the girls enlist the help of Satone using a hidden camera to see how Yūta reacts when Rikka does not come home for dinner. When the girls see that Yūta left a plate for Rikka later on, she goes to see him and the two eventually make up with each other.

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