Legends of the Dark King Episode 8 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Wailing Resounds Through the Darkness!.
Episode Description:
Souga and Ryuga reconcile their differences and now they have to face Igor themselves. They behead this ruthless lion king and return to the fortress, bringing back his skull made into a wineglass to celebrate their victory. A mysterious martial artist known as King, who has taken over the city of Southern Cross, is said to be preparing to invade the fortress. Raoh sends Reina with Ryuga to investigate upon the matter. Reina and Ryuga reluctantly find a man named Juza of the Clouds, Ryuga's half-brother, in a local bar near the city. He reveals that their sister, Yuria, Raoh's childhood friend, committed suicide after she learned that King had destroyed neighboring villages to buy her love. When Ryuga tells a grieved Raoh about this, he decides to leave it alone for the sake of rule.

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