Legends of the Dark King Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Rival Siblings!.
Episode Description:
The group wants to recruit Toki, who runs a clinic in a poor village and heals the sick using acupressure, and he just so happens to be Raoh's brother. Reina goes to see Toki personally to convince him to join with Raoh, but Sakuya shows opposition to this, saying that having them together will end up in conflict. After Toki refuses to join, Raoh and Souga arrive with the army. Raoh orders his army to arrest Toki after the latter refuses to battle against the former to prove his strength as a martial artist. Uighur tries to express his duty as warden, using his whip to attack Toki. However, he dodges the whip and disables Uighur from attacking. When Sakuya visits Toki in his cell, she apologizes because she wants to protect Raoh from potentially being injured by Toki if the two brothers were to fight each other.

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