Lance N' Masques Episode 1 English Subbed


Episode Title:
He's a Real Hero.
Episode Description:
Trained from a young age to defend the honor of those in trouble, Yōtarō Hanabusa is appointed as a member of the Knights of the World. He yearns for a life away from knighthood but his body reacts to a lady's scream that he must come to her rescue, what he dubs as "White Knight Syndrome". Yōtarō comes across Makio Kidōin, the daughter of a wealthy family that he rescues from a fall of a cliff and is taken into her mansion after being found starving outside. He learns that Makio lives alone in the mansion except for one of her maids Liu Yuhua, and has a fascination for heroes especially for Yōtarō who saved her in disguise that she dubs "Knight Lancer". Yōtarō dons the persona after three men in suits attempt to kidnap Makio. Knight-in-training and Yōtarō's squire Alice Cleveland, his steed Shirohime, and his maid and mentor Yoriko Sudō find him at the Kidōin mansion.

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