Kyou no Go no Ni (2008) Episode 5 English Subbed


Episode Title:
17th Period 'Smile' / 18th Period 'Shooting Star' / 19th Period 'Change of Clothes'.
Episode Description:
Ryouta, Kouji, Tsubasa, and Chika each mount an unsuccessful attempt to challenge the history of never having seen Kazumi laughing. At night while waiting for a meteor shower, Ryöta falls asleep and demonstrates his ability to force people to fall asleep. Before a swimming class, having forgotten her modesty poncho, Megumi is at loss as to how to change into her swimming suit until Yüki shows her the technique for changing without it. Having forgotten his modesty toga and wondering how to best put on his swimming trunks, Ryöta challenges Kouji to a contest of who can change from underwear into trunks the fastest.

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