Kyou no Go no Ni (2008) Episode 10 English Subbed


Episode Title:
36th Period 'Warmth' / 37th Period 'Fairy Tale (Anterior Semester)' / 38th Period 'Fairy Tale (Posterior Semester)' / 39th Period 'A Leaf'.
Episode Description:
The cold weather and Natsumi's complaint of how hot she feels prompts several of the girls in the class to place their cold hands on her face. Ryöta's disparaging remarks about the girls' conduct diverts their reaching hands to him only to find that all their hands except for Kazumi's have already warmed up. Saliva sterilizing wounds seems to be a prevalent superstition throughout the grades. Yüki tries to get Chika to kiss Ryöta in order to heal his irritated eye, which results in Chika punching him. Some time later, Yüki finds Kazumi writing a fairy tale featuring all the main characters with Ryöta as a prince cursed with short legs and Chika as the princess about how the prince must goes through several trials in order to save the princess. One day, Köji and Tsubasa rush to Ryöta for assistance in helping Natsumi deal with the morbid conclusion of a book she just read.

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