Koro-sensei Quest! Episode 12 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Bye Bye, Big Bad.
Episode Description:
The students of Class 3-E storm through the castle to get to the Demon King. Many students sacrifice themselves for each other in many traps as they travel to the throne room. With only Nagisa, Kaede, Karma, Itona and Takebayashi left, they find out that Koro-sensei was fired from his job by Gakuhō. The real Terasaka saves the other students, as he is revealed to have survived this whole time and increased his strength to level ninety-nine. The castle begins to crumble, and Koro-sensei asks Nagisa to use his power to save everyone. Nagisa turns back time to when Koro-sensei was first introduced to the students, but keeping everyone's memory intact.

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