KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World! Episode 6 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Raison D'être of an Explosive NEET
Episode Description:
Having graduated from school, Megumin tries to earn enough money so she can leave the village to start adventuring, but she has trouble securing a stable job. In the meantime, she secretly trains in the night by casting explosion magic in the forest, with the village believing the explosions are the work of a demon. One night, Megumin is approached by a demon woman named Arnes who is looking for Chomusuke, whose true identity is the Dark God Wolbach. Megumin agrees to sell Chomusuke for 300,000 eris, but Chomusuke refuses to be taken away from Megumin. Yunyun then arrives and Arnes explains she has run into a bout of bad fortune, not knowing it is being caused by a bracelet she bought from Megumin's parents. The bracelet's energy attracts the attention of the villagers, who chase off Arnes thinking she is the cause of the explosions. Megumin decides to use the money she earned to leave the village and puts Chomusuke in Yunyun's care. After bidding farewell and receiving gifts from her classmates, Megumin uses a teleport spell to leave the village.

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