Kodomo no Jikan 2 Gakki Episode 3 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Green Cherry Tree.
Episode Description:
Rin catches a fever from being overworked and has to miss school. Mimi is still feeling lonely and Kuro scolds Aoki because Rin got sick for his sake. Mimi visits Rin's house in order to deliver a handout. Delirious from the fever, Rin asks to suck Mimi's breasts, which she allows in order to help her. Kuro gets Shirai to walk her home, who then apologizes for what she said before. When Reiji notices Mimi's loneliness is similar to how he used to be, he comforts her and assures her that happiness will find her someday. Rin comes back to school healthy and later catches up to Aoki and kisses him.

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