KamiKatsu: Working for God in a Godless World Episode 6 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
We know we are not worthy. O great Lord Mitama.
Episode Description:
Loki leaves the powerless Atar with Yukito. Loki temporarily turns Bertrand back into a man, so she follows Loki to the Empire to hopefully become a man again permanently. Atar considers suicide until Yukito gives her hope of becoming a God herself and rebuilding Assembly. Alura assumes Yukito is a lolicon. Yukito announces Atar is now their second God; granting her half of Mitama’s power by sharing believers. Siluril discovers the Archon Dakini already has 10,000 believers, having based her religion around sex, lust and perversion, with priestesses titled Sluts. Yukito decides to infiltrate the church with Mitama, Roy and Alura as fake believers, and hijack the 10,000 believers from the inside. Riche, the Chief Slut, takes them to Dakini for initiation. Yukito panics when initiation involves being locked in a room with Alura while under a powerful lust spell. Due to training he received from his father he manages to resist until Mitama rescues them. The unused lust energy passes into Riche when she enters the room, causing her to orgasm and reveal she is actually a virgin who does not believe in Dakini. Realising Mitama is also a God she requests her help in destroying Dakini’s perverse religion.

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