KamiKatsu: Working for God in a Godless World Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
We know we are not worthy. O great Lord Mitama. You created all things—
Episode Description:
Loki takes Atar, Yukito and Mitama to the Emperor but reveals he is an illusion and the castle a giant machine named Assembly that controls the Empire with the suicide system to ensure it always remains the same. Mitama reveals people did destroy the world in religious war; the survivors building Assembly to ensure religion was forgotten. Yukito realises he wasn’t reborn in an alternate world; Mitama just sent him thousands of years into Earth’s future after religion died out. Loki is tired of Assembly and offers to let them destroy it. Yukito doubts Loki’s motives so she reveals she discovered from Assembly how humans once had free will. She began infiltrating deviant villages to learn free will but deduced they were also under indirect Assembly control. Then Yukito appeared, bringing God with him, the pinnacle of a being capable of free will. Desiring this for herself Loki convinced another deviant village she was God and found their belief gave her God-like powers. Thus she and the Archons, except Atar, plotted to destroy Assembly and become Gods. Yukito agrees free will is preferable so Mitama destroys Assembly by sprouting a giant tree under it. Loki is surprised when Yukito, knowing the Archons would make terrible Gods, swears to help Mitama defeat them and become the one true God.

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