Kami no Tou Episode 6 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Position Selection.
Episode Description:
Five days have passed since the crown game. Rachel requests that Khun lie to Bam that she was never here, to prevent both of them becoming each other's burdens, although Khun quickly sees that she doesn't really care about Bam and works to distance the both of them, fulfilling Rachel's request in the process. Anaak steals the Black March, but it refuses to listen to her. After Bam reawakens, Khun tells him about how Lero Ro assigned them all positions in their teams to start the fourth test: Fisherman (Close quarter combat), Spear Bearer (Attacking from distance), Lighthouse Bearer (Illuminating the tower and information gathering), Scout (observe the enemy's movement and assist the Fisherman), and Wave Controller (support and control the battle with Shinsu). Bam receives the Wave Controller position, a position that utilizes Shinsu to support team members...

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